20 years

It has taken 20 years for the original team of 4 people to grow into a Group with over 3,000 staff in 27 cities around the world, and those endless working hours have served to bring news, culture and leisure to homes the world over. From the football field to the battlefields of Iraq, from a set of Midnight in Paris to centre stage with Rubianes, providing television services across the globe or designing and building the most forward-looking channel of the time, in front of or behind a camera. Always there to help tell a story, be it entertaining, compelling, familiar, human, imaginative, harsh, real, far-off... and learning from all the people with whom we have worked.

But now we want to tell our own story. We want to show you who we are through what we have done over the past 20 years, because at MEDIAPRO what you see is what you get.